Private tour to Kjeåsen and Skytjefossen

Visit Kjeåsen mountain farm and Skytjefossen waterfall in a small group of your close ones
  • View on the fjord on a sunny day from a viewpoint, with green grass, trees and a little bit of snow on the top of the mountains.
    © Ewa Serwicka
  • Two women in sports outfit sitting on the ground above a mountain farm overlooking a fjord with mountains in the background.
    © Visit Hardangerfjord
  • Mountain farm overlooking a fjord with mountains in the background.
    © Visit Hardangerfjord / Yrjan Olsnes
  • Waterfall falling down from a mountain cliff partially covered in snow.
    © Visit Hardangerfjord / Yrjan Olsnes
Private tour
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Embark on a private journey to the breathtaking Kjeåsen Mountain Farm nestled 600 metres above the high above the fjord. Until 1974 Kjeåsen was once only reachable by a challenging trek. Yet, despite its remoteness, this mountain farm thrived due to its abundant natural resources, with hunting, trapping, and fishing sustaining its inhabitants for generations. The soil here is exceptionally fertile, yielding crops nourished by almost year-round sunshine.

Modernization arrived with the construction of the Simadal power station, marking the end of an era and the beginning of increased tourism to Kjeåsen. Today, it stands as one of the most visited attractions in the region, offering visitors a glimpse into a bygone way of life while showcasing the stunning natural beauty of the Norwegian landscape.

Our tour also includes a stop to admire the majestic Skytjefossen waterfall, which boasts an impressive drop of 300 meters. While regulated for hydroelectric energy production, the waterfall periodically experiences robust water flow, creating a captivating spectacle for those fortunate enough to witness it.

Duration: 2 hours

Included in the price:

Additional information:

Maximum number of passengers: 7 persons.

If your group is larger than 4 people, choose the group (4 peope) first while booking. Later in the check-out process you will be able to add up to 3 extra passengers.

Meeting point: in front of Eidfjord Tourist Office.

Please be at the meeting point 10 minutes before departure.

No guiding.

Wheelchairs: adapted transport can be organised on request with supplement of 200,- kr, at least 24 hours in advance. Please contact us before booking:

Dogs and other pets: not allowed.