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About Book Hardanger

Book Hardanger

Established in 2022, Book Hardanger has the mission to make it easier for travellers to discover the whole Hardanger region, plan their visit and book everything from accommodation, transport to activities and attractions. We also want to inspire tourists by setting up ready-made packages. In this way, Book Hardanger wants to contribute to further developing Hardanger as a sustainable travel destinations through creative initiatives, new products and packages. 

The Hardanger region

Hardanger is a traditional Norwegian district in the western part of the country, with the mighty Hardangerfjord in the center, the vast Hardangervidda plateau on the east and the Folgefonna glacier on the Folgefonna peninsula. It is one of the Norway's most important agricultural regions with approximately 40% of the Norwegian fruits, such as plums, pears, cherries, redcurrants and many others, being grown right here. Probably the most well-known fruit from Hardanger is the apple, which has been cultivated here since the 14th century, and is being used to produce the famous Hardanger cider and Hardanger apple juice. Apart from that, the region is also famous for Hardanger embroidery, a traditional craft of decorating white fabric with white thread as well as Hardanger fiddle, which is considered to be Norway's national instrument.

There is a lot to experience in the beautiful Hardanger region. One can explore the Hardangerfjord by several boat cruises, rib boats or kayaks, visit the impressive waterfalls such as Vøringsfossen or Steindalsfossen, hike in the mountains (not only to the well-known Trolltunga, but also on less famous and still stunning trails), explore the fruit farms and taste some cider or just simply enjoy the picturesque landscape. There are interesting museums and galleries, comfortable hotels, great restaurants all over the region. Welcome to Hardanger!