Ravenheart Viking experience

Explore the captivating Viking history of the Eidfjord area
  • An indoor cooking spot with black pots and wooden blocks.
    © Heidi Kvamsdal
  • A person dressed like a Viking standing in front of a wooden house with "Vikingutstilling" sign.
    © Heidi Kvamsdal
  • Red Viking shield with black ornaments and Viking helmet in the background.
    © Heidi Kvamsdal
  • Interior of a Viking exhibition with a ladder and various Viking-related objects.
    © Heidi Kvamsdal
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Eidfjord Ravenheart

Welcome to an exciting journey through time in our Ravenheart Viking exhibition! Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Iron Age, where the past comes alive through an extraordinary, guided experience by using all your senses. Your adventure begins with a fascinating documentary, the start of an exploration of the local history of the Viking Age. As you enjoy the exhibition, you can let your curiosity guide you through an impressive collection of high-quality replicas of archaeological finds from this fascinating period.

See with your own eyes the beautiful details of artifacts that once enriched the lives of the Vikings, providing a unique glimpse into their daily life. Hear the echoes of history as our expert guide shares exciting stories and insights, revealing the mysteries of the Viking Age. But it doesn't stop there – connect with the Viking Age and touch the past as you interact with the carefully recreated artifacts, feeling the texture and craftsmanship that defined an era. Catch the smell of ancient times and go back to a world where the aroma of wood, metal, and earth tell stories from the distant past.

As you explore the exhibition, discover the significance of Hæreid, the largest Iron Age burial site in Western Norway and Eidfjord - a crucial gateway to the Hardangervidda plateau and its abundant resources, while the guide is revealing the historical importance of this region.

Duration: 1 hour - 1 hour 15 minutes

Included in the price:

Additional information:

Meeting point: Ravenheart Viking exhibition (Lægreidsvegen 11).

Please be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the tour starts.

Guiding: in English or German. French, Dutch and Norwegian on request in advance. Please state your preferred language(s) in the comment to the booking.

Dogs and other pets: not recommended due to possible allergies.

Accessible for regular wheelchairs, but not electric wheelchairs.

Not recommended for guests with allergies to sheep fur and herbs, since there are a lot of fur and leather products (sheep fur) and herbs in the exhibition. Guests with other allergies are welcome at their own risk.


We need minimum 2 participants to run the tour. If the minimum is not reached, we will contact you to offer an alternative.